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Supercharge your University experience
ClassHill is an all-in-one workplace for students to connect with peers, find study partners, make new friends, and keep upto date with events across their university.
Easily find & join groups
Forget about creating groups for your courses, clubs or residences. In ClassHill, groups are already made - no invitations needed!
Study groups, friends and more
Looking for a study group, new friends, or students with similar intersts? We've got you covered. Study GroupsĀ help you find students based on courses and interests.
  Campus Life
Campus events, centralized
Poster bulletins are so old-school. Keep upto-date with student club events in one centralized location using calendars and events with your personalized feed.

You can create events for your own groups as well to stay ahead of the game!
Get started & connect with your peers
Check out our list of Universities below to see if we offer ClassHill at yours. Interested in getting ClassHill set-up at yours? Send us a message via the chat below, or email us!