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A messaging platform designed just for students
ClassHill is an all-in-one workplace for students to connect with peers, find study partners, make new friends, and keep up to date with their university and campus.
See why ClassHill is great for university students.
Whether you're trying to find groups, or discuss things related to a club. ClassHill is perfect for you.
Easily find & join groups
Forget about creating groups for your courses, clubs or residences. In ClassHill, groups are already made - no invitations needed!
Have organized discussions
Use channels to stay updated with discussions that matter to you the most. Interested in only discussing exams? There's a channel for that!
  Private Channels
Create private discussions
Want to have a conversation with a certain few friends? Create a private channel and invite them. Only those invited can join.
Discover files and notes
Because there's always just one group, you can find files like notes and other resources which others have shared before you.
Meet friends and classmates
Looking for a study group, friends, or others with similar intersts? Use the Classmates feature to find peers based on groups and interests.
It's a messaging platform designed just for students
You can also use many other features to keep track of project due dates, assignments, notes, and campus life.
Create an account & connect with your peers
Check out the list of Universities below to see if we're available at yours. If we're not available at your university, send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or at our email!
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