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ClassHill is an all-in-one workplace for students to connect with peers and have organized discussions. It's a place to view conversations, files, and information about courses, student groups and campus life.
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Select the university you're attending, create an account and we'll show you a catalogue of more than 35,000 groups ready to be joined. Everything from your courses and student groups to residences.
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Browse more than 35,000 courses and 2,000 student groups. Search, join and invite friends to have organized discussions about everything from assignments and finals to memes and things off-topic.
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Forget about creating groups for your courses, student groups and residences. Simply search for them and join with a single click. It's never been this easy to stay connected with your classes or campus.
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There are channels available to talk about everything from #assignments and #finals to #student_life and #random. Just search and join the channels that matter to you the most and stay organized to the core!

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Work privately with peers
Don't want to discuss something openly with the entire class or group? Create a Private Channel to have discussions with your closest peers. Only those with an invite link and a secret code will be able to join the discussion!
Text, pictures & documents
You can share more than just text - attach documents or pictures to start meaningful discussions. Plus, you can format your post to show code blocks, code variables, quotes, formulae and links!
Collaborate & succeed
Collaborate on assignments, group projects, and exam preparation by sharing insights with each other. Success doesn't have to be a lonely road, join others and get their inputs and perspectives for better grades!
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Countless other benefits
1. Complete anonymity - we never ask you for your name or other personal information.
2. Perfect for small or large group projects.
3. Share or store all the notes, files and pictures you want... for free!
4. Unlimited number of people in a group or channel.
5. Work privately in your group workspaces to stay ahead of the curve.
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